Y0ni tightening Wand

$15 $35

V@.gi.nal Tightening Sticks helps you get wetter, tighter, and fresher with the herbal infused tightening wand. Our Sticks are made with all natural ingredients thyme, pearl powder, honeysuckle flower, Terminalia Tree.

These natural blend of herbs helps to restore and rejuvenate your Y@nii ! The herbs also and in releasing bacteria, tighten the vaginal canal instantly, and helps to balance your hormones. Va.gin.al Sticks can also stimulate your yonii se#ual and increase natural moisture. With so many benefits, you can use your Vagic Stick for less than 30 seconds every other day or so. Do not use longer than 3 minutes! Use as needed for tightening and freshness.

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